At the beginning we are ONE like we will never be again.

Unity is the only way.

You’re here, you are a tiny little cell.

Inside the pace is slow. It’s warm. Everything seems to be floating, like in the sea.

It’s one of those unknown places, that feels only exists in dreams.


Princess invertebrate the great carnivorous and gorgeous plant who loves to be looked at will cook you dinner. Follow the twinzzzz, who love to walk hand in hand and they calm each other just being close to one another. Dance with Madame jellyfish who seems shy and at the same time curious. She is the wind of the sea and she gives you this feeling of lightness and makes all worries disappear. Descending into the murky depths, the visibility is poor but you’ll see the grand octopus. The ageing creature, the most ancient inhabitant of the depths of the ocean, who looks like an alien that came from another planet and speaks a very ancient language!



And most importantly you’ll meet the blue heart.

Hidden in a huge rock, three billion years old. It detains the biggest secrets of all times inside.

Here the loneliness doesn’t feel like loneliness and the darkness isn’t dark.

Fear is not fear and love is not love yet.

Nothing seems to happen in here but everything is moving.